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How To Combat Writer’s Block

How To Combat Writer’s Block

So you’ve realized that your business will benefit from an active blog, but you’re not exactly sure what to write about. Don’t let the cat get your tongue! It can feel awkward at first, but be fearless with your voice!

Aside from the obvious- taking a break, exercising, or even grabbing a beer- we’ll be exploring some options that you can implement, that will be sure to combat writer’s block. No more running into walls. No more fists full of hair or shouts of frustration.

This is your business, and your brand! Let’s keep that content churning, and explore some methods on how to combat and defeat writer’s block when it comes to your business blog.


Option 1: Address topics from your frequently asked questions.


Listen and respond to your users! FAQ’s is a valuable resource for both businesses and consumers. These are the questions that most people wonder, but don’t take the time or effort to address. You may even be losing customers due to lack of information! Answering commonly asked questions in your blog not only makes you an active blogger, but it gets you involved with your customer, and makes your brand stand with competence and solidarity.

It also saves you time in the long run! No more repeat questions, repeat answers. You can be as in-depth, or simply put as you’d like to be!



Option 2: Use social media to encourage questions and interactions.


Customers want to see your brand, their favorite insert product here, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, etc. Any social media platform is a new experience to interact with, and to gain new followers. There are millions of users that log in to social media platforms every single day. These are the perfect platforms to grow your business on!pi_2015-01-09_social-media_08

The more people you have following your business, the faster your brand will grow. Ensure that you’re encouraging customer interaction with the company on all of your social media platforms!

One question can go a long way. When a social media user sees the way you actively interact with your customer, the way you treat people, this positive interaction acts as a ripple effect. Word spreads fast. Make sure you’re spreading the proper message that you’d like your company to portray. Be engaging and responsive. 




Option 3: Offer discounts.blog_blogging


Already posted about your FAQ’s? Addressed your social media users? No problem. Offer incentives in your blog!

Offering incentives to be engaged with your company can benefit your brand, and swiftly grow your subscriber list. It’s simple! People are thirsty for discounts and deals, so give the people what they want! 

A simple “10% off, when you subscribe to this blog and show this voucher” could seal the deal for that frugal, on-the-fence customer.




blog_pencilOption 4: Don’t forget the power of the pen!

No matter where you are, make sure you’ve got a pen and paper at hand. You never know when inspiration will strike!

Don’t let your ideas escape you. Jot them down, and expand on them later. It doesn’t have to be poetry. It doesn’t even have to be a full idea. Just as long as you can come back to the post topic, and run with it later.

Inspiration strikes anywhere, at any time. Arm yourself with the mighty pen and paper, and never get caught off guard!


Option 5: Keep it simple!blog_photography


If you’re really stumped, include a recent case study, customer service interaction, or post an image-heavy blog post. Search engines love to see fresh content, but users also love to know who and what they’re subscribed to. Talk about how you solved a difficult problem, satisfied a customer’s needs, or explore a new product that’s about to be released. Just, talk!

Don’t let your subscribers or customers forget who you are. Stay active!



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